The Four Twins Boardroom Schedule

Meet us at the Lori Foster Reader Author Get-together!  June 6-9, 2019

Boardroom Schedule (subject to changes based on our moods)

FRIDAY – Four Twins’ Boardroom
9-10 AM“Grand Opening & Draw it out!" Pictionary type game that will have you laughing until you fart. All Four Twins.

10-11AM…”Who’s Idea was that?” Authors Eric Asher and Jodi Vaughn will guide you through writing a short, short...very short story of your very own.  Be prepared to be amazed as you learn how to create a scene. 
11AM – 12PM…We've got it Covered”

Join the Keeper Book Authors in this fun competition to make a one of a kind novel cover. Hildie McQueen,Eric Asher, Jodi Vaughn, Melanie Jayne
Noon – Boardroom Closed for Lunch!
1:30-2:30PM…”Kissy Kissy”  Authors Hildie McQueen and Melanie Jayne discuss lovescenes, and how to keep it exciting regardless of heat level.
3-5PMBoardroom Closed – See you at the Book signing - Stop by to pick up a special button!

6PM - 11:30PM - Ali…

Meet the Twins

We originated in separate mother's wombs...

After that awkward introduction, a second admission...there are actually five of us...

SURPRISE!!!  We're not actually twins!!

Join us in June as we astound with our acts of heroic endeavors to make people buy our books!!


ERIC ASHER.... Um...he's really tall.  He smells good too, feel free to smell him if you see him.
Eric R. Asher, author of the Vesik urban fantasy series and the Steamborn YA dystopian fantasy series.

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JODI VAUGH...she's really pretty but not obnoxious about it. And she has an accent...not European. USA Today Bestseller, She is the author of the RISE OF THE ARKANSAS WEREWOLVES series and writes paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.
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HILDIE MCQUEEN...she's always confused and is always smiling.  Probably crazy. USA Today Bestseller, Hildie McQueen author of western historical romance and Highlanders th…